Performance Lecture: Kaisa Karvinen and Tommi Vasko on Role-Playing & The Nonlinear City


Kunsthall Stavanger welcomes you to a performance lecture with the Helsinki based collective Trojan Horse.

The duo behind the initiative, architect Kaisa Karvinen and graphic designer Tommi Vasko (FI), blend science fiction and performative methods with architecture, city planning and digital communication.

Kaisa and Tommi are also founding members of Trojan Horse, a Helsinki-based initiative that organizes summer schools, live action role-plays and other events in order to explore the boundaries and preconditions that define the field in which architects and designers operate today.

At Kunsthall Stavanger Kaisa and Tommi will give a lecture performance about their ongoing research on roleplaying as a research method in the fields of design and architecture.

Trojan Horse is the third artist group participating in this year's Mobilizing Citizenship, an art and educational project aimed at young adults age 12-16.


Kaisa Karvinen (1988) is a Helsinki based architect, who has worked in theoretical research, city planning and with drawing buildings for architecture offices. Kaisa has also a background in theatre, both as a performer and as a scenographer.

Tommi Vasko (1986) is a Helsinki based graphic designer and researcher. He has written theoretical and fictional texts about design practices of the near future, and about visual phenomena rising between emerging information technologies and ecological thinking. Tommi also lectures, develops web content and has worked together with performance artists and architects.


April 26, 2019


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