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Schizofrenidagene is proud to invite delegates and members of the public to an exhibition of one of the most interesting art projects relating to mental health in recent times. In collaboration with the Wellcome Collection from London, we are now offering you the chance to see the entire Bobby Baker Diary Drawings collection at Kunsthall Stavanger in the weeks around Schizofrenidagene.

Baker’s touring exhibition Diary Drawings: Mental Illness and Me 1997- 2008 premiered at the Wellcome Collection in 2009, and the accompanying book of the same name won the Mind Book of the Year 2011.

Bobby began her Diary Drawings in 1997 when she became a patient at a day centre. Originally private, they gradually became a way for her to communicate complex thoughts and emotions to her family, friends and professionals.

The drawings cover Bobby’s experiences of day hospitals, acute psychiatric wards, ‘crisis’ teams and a variety of treatments. They chart the ups and downs of her recovery, family life, work as an artist, breast cancer and just how funny all this harrowing stuff can be.

Bobby Baker graduated from St Martin's School of Art and has had a long and varied career. Her most recent live show, Mad Gyms & Kitchens, was commissioned as part of the London 2012 Unlimited project for the Cultural Olympiad.

Bobby will be present at the opening of the exhibition on Wednesday 19:00 November 4th 2015, as well as delivering a plenary lecture as part of the main conference in Stavanger Forum. She will also be holding a workshop with her daughter, psychologist Dora Whittuck.

Picture: Bobby Baker, Diary Drawings: Mental Illness and Me, 1997-2008
Diary Drawing 12 Helpful DBT
Watercolour paper, pencil, watercolour
© Bobby Baker 2009
Photograph © Andrew Whittuck

A Wellcome Collection Touring Exhibition

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November 4, 2015


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