October 3, 2017

Ducktails is coming to Kunsthall Stavanger!

Ducktails is coming to Kunsthall Stavanger!

By Heather Jones



Join us this Thursday for a live concert with Ducktails as part of our new Kunsthall Live series! Ducktails is an American band formed in 2006 as the solo recording project of Real Estate's former guitarist Matt Mondanile. The project has since become a full band, adding Josh da Costa (bass), Malcolm Perkins (guitar) and Ross Chait (drums). 

Following a number of limited-run cassette releases, the 2009 albums Ducktails and Landscapes brought Ducktails critical recognition. The project was associated with the mid-2000s hypnagogic pop scene. They have released three studio albums since then, most recently St. Catherine in 2015.

I like the idea of everything being as raw-sounding as possible, with nothing covering up the sound.

— Matt Mondanile

Get ready for the concert by watching Ducktails create a song in under 10 minutes on Against The Clock...

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