October 10, 2017

Kunsthall Stavanger welcomes Julianna Barwick

Kunsthall Stavanger welcomes Julianna Barwick

By Heather Jones



Kunsthall Stavanger is excited to collaborate with Folken to present Julianna Barwick this Thursday.

Louisiana-bred, Brooklyn-based recording artist Julianna Barwick crafts ethereal, largely wordless soundscapes, all of which are built around multiple loops and layers of her angelic voice. Barwick, who credits a rural church choir upbringing for her unique sound, begins most tracks with a single phrase or refrain, then uses a loop station and the occasional piano or percussive instrument to build the song into a swirling mass of lush ambient folk.

Doors open at 8 pm. Concert starts at 9 pm. 18 years.

Purchase tickets here

Find out more about Julianna Barwick on her website, here.

​"The voice may be the original instrument, as the groundbreaking experimental singer Joan La Barbara put it, but in Julianna Barwick's music, the voice itself isn't necessarily a point of origin. Layering and looping her often-wordless singing into hypnotic and otherworldly configurations, she enters her songs as though slipping into a stream. The music, she seems to say, precedes us, and it will outlast us; we don't so much carry songs as allow ourselves to be carried along by them, swept up in their current for a little while."​

— Pitchfork

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