Staff & Board

Core Team

Hanne Mugaas, Director and Chief Curator, email.

Jessica Morris, Associate Director, email.

Kristina Ketola Bore, Curator, Exhibitions and Educational Program, email.

Maria Råkil, Coordinator and Communications Manager, email.

Part Time Employees and Freelancers

Helga Hindal, Administrative Assistant, email.

Hege Hervik, Educator, Kids' Art Club, on leave.

Marie Skretting, Educator, Kids' Art Club, email.

Katharina Bjelland, Educator, email.

Matt Bryans, Head Technician, email.

Maiken Winum, Project Manager, Kunsthall 2025, email.

Vanessa Larsen, Membership Coordinator and Receptionist, email.

Henriette Piekkola, Receptionist

Kristine Hille Halvorsen, Receptionist


Stein Bjelland (Chairman), Anne-Berit Hansen (Deputy), Randi Grov Berger

SIri Borge, Ailinn Amundsen Dahle, Anna Ihle, Christen Minos, Ingrid Moe


Tove Berg, Olaug Galland, Bjørn Hindal, Kristin Høiland, Kari Moe, Jorunn Mugaas


Elisabeth Byre, Curator; Howie Chen, Curator; Raphael Gygax, Curator; Evelyn Holm, Art Historian; Alex Klein, Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia; Gunhild Moe, Curator; Anne Hilde Neset, Director, Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo; Steinar Sekkingstad, Curator, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen; Wendy Yao, Ooga Booga Store, Los Angeles; Maya Økland, Artist; Margrethe Aanestad, Artist

Kunsthall Stavanger Residency

Co-founder: Aud Cuniberti. Coordinator: Liv Cuniberti, residency@kunsthallstavanger.no

Imprint Website

Design & Programming: Familiar New York


Kunsthall Stavanger is a member of Norske Kunstforeninger and Kunsthallene i Norge.

Kunsthall Stavanger receives operational support from the City of Stavanger and Arts Council Norway. We would like to thank our sponsors and members for their support.

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