Artist talk with Laurel Schwulst


Photo courtesy the artist.

In conjunction with the ongoing project Mobilizing Citizenship, Kunsthall Stavanger presents an artist talk with one of the tutors - Laurel Schwulst.

Schwulst currently teaches interactive design at Yale University and maintains Beautiful Company, a design practice. Previously, she was creative director of The Creative Independent and worked at the New York-based design studio Linked by Air. Her book Perfume Area (Ambient Works, 2015), coauthored with Sydney Shen, contemplates thirty-six designer fragrances.
Read more about Laurel on her website: http://laurelschwulst.com/

Mobilizing Citizenship is a project initiated by Kunsthall Stavanger together with guest curator Kristina Ketola Bore. The art mediation project is aimed at young people aged 12-16 with no prior exposure to art mediation or formal art education. During the semester, the youth will meet and collaborate with six different artists and be introduced to artistic strategies and methods in a workshop format. One of the main goals is that the participants will build a sense of ownership over their surroundings and see themselves as autonomous agents with the possibility to partake in public discourse.

Read more about the project here: https://kunsthallstavanger.no/en/news/kunsthall-stavanger-vil-fremme-morgendagens-stemmer

October 19, 2018


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