Stajazz at Kunsthall Stavanger

Earwaves 2014


October 3 and 4.

Doors open at 8 pm, concerts start at 9 pm.

CC: 100/150, -

This year, Stajazz is organizing Earwaves, a new mini festival of improvised music, at Kunsthall Stavanger. The program is built around Per Zanussi's new large ensemble Interlocutor. Zanussi, currently a researcher of compositions for improvisors at Stavanger University, is joined by some of the best improvisers from Norway, Sweden and England. The program will consist of solo and group concerts.

Contributing musicians:

Sindre Bjerga
Fredrik Luhr Dietrichsson
Morten Engebretsen
Sofia Jernberg (S)
Martin Küchen (S)
Eivind Lønning
Ole Henrik Moe Jr.
Bjørnar Habbestad
Paul Hession (UK)
André Roligheten
David Stackenäs (S)
Raymond Strid (S)
Signe Irene Time
Per Zanussi

The festival is supported by the Municipality of Stavanger, Arts Council Norway, and The Fund for Performing Artists.


October 3, 2014


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