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We welcome you to a seminar with Marie Stokkenes Johansen on January 13. The seminar will focus on the structure of the international art market and where a novice art collector should begin. Learn about art collection as investment and what opportunities exist within the art market in Stavanger.

When Stavanger Kunstforening was first established in 1865, the organization's main goal was to promote the members' appreciation and understanding of art. The Kunstforening primarily did this by purchasing paintings that were exhibited in the permanent gallery, which were then raffled off to members. The raffle of the paintings awakened in the members an interest to buy even more art by local artists. In that way, the Kunstforening contributed to the stimulation of the local art market. One of the most popular motifs in the Kunstforening´s early years was seascapes by artists such as Anton Melbye.

Today, interest in art collection in our region and across the country continues to grow – the art market in Stavanger is the second largest nationally after Olso.

In 2016, Kunsthall Stavanger will maintain the tradition of supporting the local art market by selling limited editions by artists in our store as well as contributing to the local expertise on the sale of art through seminars, lectures and events.

Marie Stokkenes Johansen received an MA in The History of the Art Market; Modern and Contemporary Art from the auction house Christie's educational program in New York in 2011, and a BA in Studio Art from Central St. Martins in London in 2009.

Entrance 50kr, free for members. Snacks will be served during the break. The seminar is in Norwegian and will last until 19:00.

January 13, 2016


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