Guided tour in Jonathan Baldocks exhibition


Welcome to a guided tour in the exhibition Me, Myself and I by Jonathan Baldock.

The tour will be conducted by critic and writer, Maiken Winum.

At Kunsthall Stavanger Jonathan Baldock is presenting an exhibit consisting of entirely new works. Showing both large scale textile works, hand stitched by Baldock himself, and marionettes consisting of casts of the artist own body, Baldock examines the disconnect between how we present ourselves outwardly and what in fact we are - inside.

Jonathan Baldock (b. 1980, Kent, UK) works across multiple platforms including sculpture, installation and performance. He graduated from Winchester School of Art with a BA in Painting (2000-2003), followed by the Royal College of Art, London with an MA in Painting (2003-2005).

Baldock’s work is saturated with humour and wit, as well as an uncanny, macabre quality that channels his longstanding interest in myth, folklore and the narratives associated with 'outsider' practices. With work often taking on a biographical form, Baldock addresses the trauma, stress, sensuality, mortality and spirituality around our relationship to the body and the space it inhabits.

The tour will be sign up based only and conducted in Norwegian. Please sign up here if you wish to attend.

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The exhibition has received generous support from Stephen Friedman Gallery, London.

September 27, 2020

14:00 - 15:00

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