Ode to a Dishrag, Hymn to a Tiger



Tove Pedersen, Stjernenatt, 2009. Image: Oddbjørn Erland Aarstad / Kunsthall Stavanger.

Welcome to the opening of the exhibition Ode to a Dishrag, Hymn to a Tiger, on January 25, 2018 at 6 - 8 pm.

Performance by Gunvor Nervold Antonsen. 

Ode to a Dishrag, Hymn to a Tiger takes it title from the eponymous work by Gunvor Nervold Antonsen. The extensive survey exhibition includes artwork by both emerging and well-established artists, and is a testament to the versatility of the medium and its ability to address issues ranging from major social, political, or environmental concerns to more intimate, quotidian life experiences. Ode to a Dishrag, Hymn to a Tiger brings together historical works and newly commissioned artworks created on-site, as well as an archive illustrating the rich history of textiles in Norway. Read more here

Also opening:

Art Video for Kids: Constance Tenvik, Preludes.


January 25, 2018


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