Plenary Beauty: Crafting Visions of Sustainable Futures - A Talk by Benedetta Crippa

Global Climate Strike


For the Global Climate Strike, Kunsthall Stavanger presents a performative talk by graphic designer Benedetta Crippa on visual sustainability.

As we collectively recognise the urgency of radically rethinking the ways we relate to the environment and ourselves, we are also called to reflect on how visuality can contribute to harmonious co-existence. How can sustainability unfold through visual work and our visual surroundings? What questions on visuality we can investigate, and act upon? Proposing an expanded view of sustainability, graphic designer Benedetta Crippa guides us through an exploration of form, visions and methods for a plenary beauty – for a visuality that celebrates, and responds to complexity.

Benedetta Crippa runs her own studio and research practice in Stockholm, with projects across the wide scope of visual communication. Her main area of research concerns ways in which graphic design can expand beyond current boundaries of methodology and aesthetics.

She designs for transformation and pleasure beyond dominant traditions to revisit ideas around beauty, form and power. Through her work with clients in the social sector and the Stockholm Environment Institute (2018–) she has developed a keen experience on the forms sustainability can take within and through design practice, and the ways they intersect.

Benedetta is invited to Kunsthall Stavanger as part of the educational project, Mobilizing Citizenship, supported by the Art Council Norway and Nordic Culture Point.

September 20, 2019


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