April 16, 2020 — May 20, 2020

Online Video: How To Find Belief Again

Lex Brown


How To Find Belief Again is a 36 minute audio essay with tools for listeners to reconnect to a feeling of belief in a time of uncertainty. Though it is non-religious and compatible with any belief system, it was specifically written for those who "do not believe in anything" and want to build an everyday sense of spirituality by focusing on the power and patterns of nature. The work was first shown as part of Kunsthall Stavanger's project #fromKStoyou.

Lex Brown says the following about the work: “Amidst the massive economic, political, technological and infrastructural tectonic shifts that are occurring now, it is crucial for us to strengthen our connection with the sacredness of nature daily and this sacredness within ourselves, so that we do not become increasingly psychologically lost or vulnerable to the constant bombardments of data, information, and control. With so much in our constructed world that we are told to be afraid of, it is more important than ever to focus on how much civilization is dwarfed by the power of nature. We need to understand ourselves as naturally, spiritually connected to nature in order to completely reshape the way we use technology, structure society, and live as human beings”.

Lex Brown is an artist, musician, and writer. Working fluidly across art forms, her work uses narrative to create an index for our psychological and emotional experiences as organic beings in rapidly a technologized world. She has performed and exhibited work at the New Museum, the High Line, the International Center of Photography, Recess, and The Kitchen (New York); REDCAT Theater and The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles; The Baltimore Museum of Art in Baltimore; and at the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway.

Brown holds degrees from Yale University (MFA) and Princeton University (BA). She is the author of My Wet Hot Drone Summer, a sci-fi erotic novella that takes on surveillance and social justice, first edition published by Badlands Unlimited. Consciousness, a survey of Brown's work spanning the past 8 years, is newly available from GenderFail. Containing documentation from 46 different videos and performances, as well as 33 original song lyrics performed in artist-run spaces, museums, music venues, and galleries it is Brown's first book to have been acquired by the collections of the Met, MoMA, and Whitney museum, amongst other notable institutional collections.

April 16, 2020 —

May 20, 2020


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