July 17, 2020 — August 6, 2020

Banner Art: Break Bread



Garb will show a specially commissioned work for Kunsthall Stavanger’s project #fromKStoyou. The work takes the form of a banner on the kunsthall’s building.

#fromKStoyou is an new and ongoing project by Kunsthall Stavanger initiated in response to the current COVID-19 crisis. Artists are asked to make works that can spread solidarity in this moment of time. While most of the projects take place on digital platforms – such as Kunsthall Stavanger’s website and Instagram – the banner is installed on the outside of the kunsthall’s building, located in the centre of one of Stavanger‘s traffic hubs. The banner is meant to bring art to the public in a safe and engaging way and is visible for the hundreds, if not thousands, of onlookers that pass the building on a daily basis.

The upcoming banner, Break Bread, is created by design collective Garb, with support by type design agency Dinamo. The publishing resource list is created by Black History Month Norway.

For Garb the banner represents a call to "break bread" – to all come together at the same table to share food and conversation. Says Garb: "Responding to widespread protests following the murder of George Floyd, our social media feeds transformed into truly active spaces where live streams, organisational information and educational resource exchange drove crucial conversation across new platforms.

The banner steps out of the isolated digital sphere, with us, and reminds people to continue their allyship outside of social media by engaging and showing up offline as well. To aid your self-education we are sharing vital resources which are important in understanding the current shape of our world and the ways in which we must change. The resources list is curated by Black History Month Norway and this vital content is framed within a spider diagram made from seeded bread.

We invite visitors to tear off a piece from our bread diagram and in doing so, feel inspired to move forward with their own anti-racist work, everyday and in every way."

Garb is researcher & artist Sophie Frances Coates & graphic designer Eloise Harris working together remotely from London & Berlin since lockdown 2020. Garb attempts to find relationships between everyday life & materials, and functionality in objects and images. Garb is working towards positive futures, and, without loosing themselves, are anti-tradition. Garb approaches each project as a researcher, to maintain freedom and flexibility, to tell their stories filled with facts. http://garb.life/ @garb.life

July 17, 2020 —

August 6, 2020


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