November 19, 2021

Kunsthall Stavanger in collaboration with MUNCH on workshop for youths

Kunsthall Stavanger in collaboration with MUNCH on workshop for youths

Photo: Kilian Munch, MUNCH


This fall Kunsthall Stavanger collaborated with Munchmuseet in Oslo on a workshop based on our ongoing youth project Mobilizing Citizenship! The workshop took place last week and was led by the artist collective WALK OF SHAME.


Mobilizing Citizenship is an art and educational program aimed at future adults aged 12–16. During four weekend workshops spanning one semester, a group of future adults collaborate with artists and are introduced to artistic strategies and methods. Started in the spring of 2018, Mobilizing Citizenship seeks to explore what collaboration can mean in the context of future adults working with professional artists and designers within an art institution. One of the main goals of the project is that the participants will build a sense of ownership over own voice, and identity, seeing themselves as autonomous agents with the possibility to partake in public discourse. The participants are given access to tools and methods aimed at building ownership of one's own surroundings, with a focus on how future adults can use artistic strategies to speak up and out.


WOS explores the relationship between performative and social spaces by means of visual landscapes and interactive meetings between performer and spectator. The collective is aiming to meet audiences outside the already established physical contexts of spectatorship. WOS’ visual expression combines elements such as clubbing culture, natural landscapes, trash culture, and consumerism.

Next year Mobilizing Citizenship will start up again at Kunsthall Stavanger. The curator for the spring semester is Lee Heinemann. More information is coming soon!

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