Judder Shudder: Act II at Kunsthall Stavanger

Kunsthall Stavanger invites you to a special performance with British artists Jonathan Baldock and Florence Peake this Friday, September 14 at 6pm.

British artist Jonathan Baldock works across multiple platforms including sculpture, installation and performance. His multi-media sculptures, immersive installations and performances often take on a biographical form through which he addresses the trauma, stress, sensuality, mortality, and spirituality around our relationship to the body and the space it inhabits. Concerned with removing the functional aspects of the materials he engages (namely textiles and ceramics), Baldock instead works in a performative way through his sculptural assemblages bringing the viewer, the object and the space they occupy into question as a ritual act or theatre.

For his performance at Kunsthall Stavanger titled Judder Shudder: Act II, Baldock works with long-time collaborator, artist, and choreographer Florence Peake to create an intimate performance that blurs delineations between sculpture, costume, performer, and audience to create an act of absurd ritualism, at once humorous and emotionally tense. Originally performed in the galleries of Tate St Ives in April, 2018, Judder Shudder: Act II took inspiration from the theatricality of Barbara Hepworth’s wheeled plinths in her studio at the Palais de Danse (St Ives). The work has been reimagined for Kunsthall Stavanger's space and combines costume and sculpture to be animated and performed by the artists together with local artists Elisabeth Gangnes and Lene Aareskjold.

The performance will be followed by a conversation between Baldock and Adam Smythe, Curator at Bluecoat. The project is a collaboration with Bluecoat in Liverpool.

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23 august, 2018

Interview: Hanne Lippard

Interview: Hanne Lippard

On September 22, artist Hanne Lippard will perform Mid-Afternoon Slump live in a cabin onboard the ship Hurtigruten off the coast of Norway as part of Coast Contemporary. Below, Lippard answers our questions about her views on the voice as artistic medium, the production of language, and the intricacies of human communication. 

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Announcing The Kunsthall Stavanger Artist Residency

Kunsthall Stavanger is pleased to announce the launch of the Kunsthall Stavanger Artist Residency. The Residency is an extension of the Kunsthall’s stated mission to serve as a platform for the production, exhibition, and distribution of artworks that are part of a large international discourse.

The residency's accommodation is situated on the beautiful Gandsfjord outside Stavanger, andprovides each resident with the possibility to work peacefully in serene surroundings. Each residency will result in a project such as an exhibition, a talk, or a performance at Kunsthall Stavanger.

By facilitating extended stays for invited artists in Stavanger, the Residency provides opportunities for natural relationships to develop between visiting artists and local cultural practitioners. The Residency enables Kunsthall Stavanger to further enhance our collaborations with artists, and supports our on-site exhibitions and events.

The residency launches in August 2018. The first resident is Hanne Lippard, followed by Violet Dennison in November.

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Kunsthall Live Høstprogram 2018

I høst presenterer vi et solid og variert program med god spennvidde fra pop til eksperimentelle uttrykk. På kunsthallen gir vi publikum i Stavanger mulighet til å oppleve norske og internasjonale kvalitetsartister i en ny setting og unik atmosfære.

I tillegg til Bob Hund og Lee Ranaldo, kommer finske Jakko Eino Kalevi med prosjektet Man Duo, den norske duoen Smerz, samt den danske duoen Gents. I tillegg til konsertprogrammet arrangerer vi Classic Album Sundays en søndag hver måned, og vårt årlige kunstdisko for barn.

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Welcome to a special screening of "Strange Victory"

Please join us for a special screening of the film Strange Victory (1948), by Leo Hurwitz, introduced by New York-based curator and critic Ed Halter.

This event starts at 7pm. Admission: NOK 50,-

This rarely seen, stylistically bold documentary equals the visual, poetic brilliance of Battleship Potemkin and I am Cuba while delivering an extraordinary cry from the heart to make a better place for our children. Skillfully combining documentary footage of World War II battles, postwar refugees, and the Nuremberg trials with powerful dramatic re-enactments, Hurwitz wove an extraordinary cinematic portrait of postwar American Fascism. How could it be, the film asked, that servicemen returned home from defeating a racist and genocidal enemy found the United States plagued by racism, Jim Crow, anti-Semitism, anti-Catholicism, and xenophobia? Strange Victory — a cry for equality and justice — was promptly branded ‘pro-communist’ and a financial flop. Hurwitz was blacklisted from film and television for more than a decade and Virgil Richardson (a former Tuskegee Airman), who portrayed a black vet in the film, chose to emigrate to Mexico to escape to US racism. - Milestone Films

Click here for more information on the event.

Click here for more information on the film.


Ed Halter is the co-editor, with the late Barney Rosset, of From the Third Eye: The Evergreen Review Film Reader (Seven Stories Press, 2018). One of the founders and directors of Light Industry, a venue for cinema and electronic art in Brooklyn, New York, Halter is a critic and curator whose work has appeared in 4Columns, Artforum, The Village Voice, and elsewhere. His other publications include Mass Effect: Art and the Internet in the 21st Century (2015, co-edited with Lauren Cornell) and From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games (2006).

Special thanks to the Carl & Marilynn Thoma Art Foundation.

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