11 september, 2017

Lecture: Nature's System Through the Centuries

Lecture: Nature's System Through the Centuries

Sanna Kannisto, Close Observer, 2010. C-print, 130 x 160 cm.

By Heather Jones



This Thursday join us for a lecture on naturalist Carl Linné's life and work by Anne-Cathrine Scheen.

In conjunction with our current exhibition Systema Naturae, Scheen will discuss 18th century Swedish naturalist Carl Linné's revolutionary work and book Systema Naturae, from which the exhibition takes its title. The name translates as "nature's system," and the organizational system that Linné created is still in use after 300 years. What was it about Linne's work that was so revolutionary that it has lasted for almost three centuries? And what does this have to do with art? Through the development of the first herb books through Linnaeus's work to today's flora, we see how the understanding of the plants and nature around us has changed through the centuries, and the importance of the interaction between art and botany for this development.

The event is free and open to the public. Please note that the lecture will be held in Norwegian.

Anne-Cathrine Scheen holds a doctorate in botany from the University of Oslo. She has worked within the field of botanical systematics with an emphasis on the relationships between the Lamiaceae family. She is currently employed as a scientific leader in Stavanger Botanical Garden.

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