At the last Art Club of the season, we invite family and friends to join us for an exhibition, where we will show them what we have done and made this autumn. The kids arrive at 4pm, the exhibition opens at 6 pm.

We will work together with artist Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland.


The Art Club introduces children to contemporary art in a fun and accessible way. Here, we explore what contemporary art is, and what kind of experiences and tools we can bring from art into our everyday lives.

The children will meet and work with professional artists, and get to explore our exhibitions together with our skilled educators. At the end of each semester we organise an exhibition for family and friends.

Who decides what our surroundings look like? This semester we will explore how we can take part in shaping our own surroundings. Everything that is built around us has been shaped by someone. Can we who live in and around the city take part in impacting how our surroundings look? How can we speak up about how we want things to be around us?

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