Boombox (2009) was part of a 100 days project while artist and director Ely Kim was an MFA candidate at Yale University. Born out of a prompt to do one thing each day for 100 days, Ely chose dancing, something he loves to do, but was terrified to document on video. Each day, and within a different mundane space, Ely activated these spaces with his body, literally creating the room and space for him to exist.

The video was meant to be exhibited as part of our project Art Video for Kids. Since Kunsthall Stavanger is currently closed, we have chosen to show the video on our website, available for everyone. Even though we hope social distancing will not last a full 100 days, we hope that Kim can inspire us all to find joy and inspiration in our everyday surroundings. And, teach us some new dance moves.

KS ON 20 02 Ely Kim 01 WEB
KS ON 20 02 Ely Kim 01 WEB
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