The digital commission Mouthpiece by the Stavanger-based artist Stine Janvin was active on Kunsthall Stavanger's website from 20. September – 30. November, 2022. The result of the work and the documentation now lives on this page.

The project coincided with the launch of our new website and digital platform, where it existed exclusively, as an extension of the body and the self, morphing two of our main modes of expression; the mouth and the voice.

Mouthpiece is a participatory work, which took the form of talking mouths spread across the digital platform. Prompted by the question “What is important to you?”, anyone, anywhere could record and contribute their voice, which went on to inhabit one of the mouths. When clicked, the mouth says the recording out loud. Joined together, the recordings became a growing choir.

Read more about the work here.

Curator: Kristina Ketola Bore
Developer: Bryant Wells, Animation: Erik Ferguson

The project is generously funded by Arts Council Norway.

The artist would like to thank Sacha Nadal, Ofer Smilansky, Michelle Cheung, Annalise, Morten Joh, Rufus og Pia, Ula Sickle, Isof, Nathalie Muster, Anette Gellein, Cory Arcangel, Ingrid Rusten, Nora, Roman, Matilde, Özlem Anli, Cara Tolmie.

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